UPDATE: I got this email from Dr. Sarah Sloane. She wrote the BNA species account for Bushtits.  Her university post is in Maine so I am convinced she studies Bushtits because they are cool, and they live in warm places.
“In answer to one of your questions on your blog: Both bushtit males and females flock together year round. Small flocks of females may peel off and disperse in early spring. At least that’s what they did in Arizona. I’m not sure yet about the Pacific NW, but I should know soon. Female eye color is fully changed within a few weeks of leaving the nest, so your dark-eyed birds in January are most certainly males! All winter flocks I’ve seen have both males and females, but there is a male-biased sex ratio in general, so females are less common.”
Thanks, Dr. Sloane.  I shall closely surveying our Bushtits for…

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