Our Native Trumpeter, et al.

birds fly free

The cooler temperatures are here and I decide to venture out into the wilds. I return to the marsh to see our NH Trumpeter Swan, who I’ve named”Louie”, but I can’t find him anywhere. I keep searching, dragging myself and my heavy lens into the woods. No swan in sight. Could he have already migrated? I decide to call to him, even though some may not approve, to let him know he has a friend. “Ko-Hoh! Ko-Hoh!” I trumpet softly. I have grown attached to this swan because I know how special he is. I know the tragic past of the Trumpeter Swan and how it has only partially recovered its pre-colonial numbers. He paddles out from behind the reeds. “Louie!” I can hardly contain my excitement as I try not to disturb him. He pretends to ignore me, but he knows that I am there, and I know that…

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