Birding Kauai: The Migrants and Native Birds

Wickersham's Conscience

A final Hawai’i bird post, focusing on migrant birds that fly to Hawai’i for the winter and then back to their breeding grounds for the summer and a few native birds that hang around year-round.

Several species of shorebird make that trek across the North Pacific. The first is the Pacific Golden Plover.

PGPL 20200112 1600 Pacific Golden Plover, Kauai

This species breeds along the west coast of Alaska. WC has photographed it on St. Lawrence Island, in the north end of the Bering Sea. They look completely different in breeding plumage, and there was some initial confusion among ornithologists about how many species were involved. And some incredulity about the epic migration. That’s sorted out now. The plover is present in large numbers on Kauai, although never in large flocks. Oddly, it’s rarely found on the seashore, preferring lawns, pastures and grasslands.

Ruddy Turnstones are another shorebird species that winters in the…

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