Birding Kauai: The Introduced Birds

Wickersham's Conscience

WC described some of the introduced songbirds that are found on O’ahu. Most of those species are found on Kauai now as well. But WC found a few additional species, some of them unique to Kauai and some that WC just missed on O’ahu. And where WC got better photos of an introduced species on Kauai, those are included, too.

"Jungle Fowl," a/k/a Feral Chicken, Kauai “Jungle Fowl,” a/k/a Feral Chicken, Kauai

Any list of introduced wild birds in Kauai would be seriously inaccurate if it didn’t include feral chickens. You hear various stories: they were brought by the Polynesians for food; that they were introduced as a kind of practical joke; that they escaped from chicken coops in the chaos of Hurricane Iniki back in 1992. Whatever the reason, they are everywhere. The rooster morning chorus runs from about 3:30 AM to 10:00 AM, with solos the rest of the day.

House Sparrow, Kauai House Sparrow, Kauai

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