A few new pot pairings, Part 2

Nebari Bonsai

Next up is a Syuzan. Suzuki Syuzan lived from 1928-1988, and was known for using high quality Chinese clays, and has many Kokufu appearances, mainly unglazed pots. This one is a larger Shohin size; 8″ wide, and deep enough for my top-of-the-rack JBP.

The bottom stamp is really cool, and almost as well-known as his tea kettle stamp. He must have liked this pot, as he also stamped the lower right on both of the long ends, ensuring it shows either way the pot is used.

The tree is a large Shohin corkbark JBP, ‘Hachi-Gen’ on its own roots. The current pot is a Shibakatsu, and is a little blocky and busy for the box top display.

This should be a slam-dunk pairing:

Last but not least, this Shuho, Tokoname pot is super rustic…a love it or hate it pot. Before you scroll down, take a look and consider how…

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