Ceder Basic Maintenance.

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Last week I posted a blog about a Ficus tree that I defoliated. To read more on that see the link below: Ficus defoliation progress This week I thought I would show how I trimmed a Ceder tree that I have been working on over the past six years. Working on bonsai trees is not always as interesting as it seems.… Continue reading Ceder Basic Maintenance.

Visit to Chishakuin [Picture Book]

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Kon-do (central hall) seen from behind In our quest to see new sights in Kyoto, we decided to visit Chishakuin, the headquarters of the Chisan School of the Shingon Sect of Buddhism, located at the height of Shichijo, at the foot of Higashiyama. Being somewhat off the beaten track, it was wonderfully quiet and peaceful there (and as often, not really… Continue reading Visit to Chishakuin [Picture Book]

Early Morning at Kiyomizudera

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Since we’re supposed to be working and it gets dark early, the only moment to squeeze in some sightseeing for us is the early morning. Kiyomizudera, unlike most other temples (which open at 9), opens already at 6am, so it’s a recurring destination for us. Another perk of showing up in the morning is that the place is empty, and we… Continue reading Early Morning at Kiyomizudera

Day Trip to Kawagoe

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Kurazukuri warehouses with some appropriately dressed gentlemen in front Having another free weekend in the Kanto area, we decided to finally visit Kawagoe, a town with many preserved kurazukuri warehouses from the Edo period, also known as Koedo (little Edo). Kawagoe, located in Saitama prefecture Northeast of Tokyo had been on our radar for a while, but we had never actually… Continue reading Day Trip to Kawagoe

Kyoto Gardens: Shosei-en

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Apart from re-visiting our favorites, there are still many places in Kyoto we haven’t seen. One of them was Shosei-en, the detached garden of Higashi Hongan-ji near Kyoto Station. It’s a beautifully landscaped garden with several interesting buildings and bridges, amounting to “13 views”. In its style it reminded me somewhat of Tokyo’s Korakuen. Unlike many of Kyoto’s temple gardens which… Continue reading Kyoto Gardens: Shosei-en

Flower-viewing at Mimurotoji

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On our final sightseeing outing in Kyoto, we went back to the nearby tea-growing town of Uji. We were headed for Mimurotoji, a temple famous for its flower gardens. Mimurotoji is located at the Northern edge of town, nestled at the foot of the surrounding lush green hills. The location is lovely: the whole hillside was fragrant and filled with birdsong.… Continue reading Flower-viewing at Mimurotoji