It’s Crayon Box Season!

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Dear Liza, Shameless, colorful Quince I know, I know… six months ago I was going GAGA over the Spring colors….Purples, pinks, outlandish yellows. But now I’m going to gush a little over Fall’s colors. Maple trees playing with change Growing up in Southern California, my neighborhood was full of evergreen shrubs and trees. “Less messy!” “Pretty all year!” everyone said.… Continue reading It’s Crayon Box Season!

2020 90th Meifu Bonsai Exhibition

Valavanis Bonsai Blog The 90th Meifu Bonsai Exhibition was held on January 10-12, 2020 in the Fukiage Hall in Nagoya, Japan. It is sponsored by Chubu Bonsai Cooperative, which is a professional bonsai organization. The exhibition is held in a huge clear span building with excellent lighting and wide aisles. The Gafu Ten Shohin Exhibition, held in Kyoto, was held on the same dates so … Continue reading 2020 90th Meifu Bonsai Exhibition

Happy New Year – January Re-potting time

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Well, I have been remiss in posting. Most of my tree work has been done at the Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt since December but now it is time to address some of my trees. Pines need to get re-potted and some of my trees are showing early budding which will push their window of work sooner than later. My big,… Continue reading Happy New Year – January Re-potting time