Like a rock!

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Panty hose!!!



Thigh highs!


Whatever you call them, I hate ’em.

Warning: if you are ever signed up for a “root-over-rock” ficus project, and the instructor suggests using panty hose as the material to wrap the trees around the rock, just get up and walk away.

Don’t even worry about a refund. Pack up your tools, put your turntable in the trunk.

Just make sure you put your hosiery back on, especially if it’s before Labor Day. You don’t want to be unfashionable with bare legs.

You’ll also notice some fern leaves, or whatever they’re called. Don’t put ferns on your trees. You’ll see why in a second.

I’ve had this willow leaf ficus for about a half a year now (I got it in the purchase of a collection) and I’ve been dreading this work.

After about a half hour, cleaning the moss and ferns and

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