32PINE #1

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This is what I believe is a European Black Pine. It was collected in fall 2011 on an impromptu collection trip. I have enjoyed this as my first pine as bonsai. So far, it has cooperated with my lack of familiarity with pines thus far. This season(2013) I have spent a considerable amount of my bonsai thinking time, conversation, and studies towards understanding the techniques of good pine bonsai care. I am much more confident and more familiar with pines compared to how I was in the past BUT everyday, I have a lot of new questions on pines so do I think I am an expert?? HECK NO!! I just do what I do because it works for me and I enjoy it. So to start off, I will post a pic of the tree the day it was collected.



Here it is today(09-17-2013)
I am definitely thinking of…

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