Birding Saint Lucia with Willow

The Experienced Intermediate Birder

I trudged up our sideroad in the dark for my 5:30am rendezvous with Willow of Saint Lucia Birding and Wildlife Ambassadors. A friend of mine had birded with Adams Toussaint, the owner, last January and recommended him highly. Adams wasn’t free for Sunday or Monday so he placed me in the capable hands of Willow. Willow is in his mid-thirties. He’s passionate about birds and was excellent company.

We drove from the central west side of the island (Caribbean) to the opposing central east coast (Atlantic). Enroute, Willow pulled into a small roadside bakery and emerged with dahls (my spelling), a pastry stuffed with split peas, and saltfish sandwiches. Delicious! Our first stop was outside the village of Mon Repos and our goal was to see the critically endangered White-Breasted Thrasher. This species is endemic to Saint Lucia and neighbouring Martinique. It’s greatest threat is habitat loss. Willow…

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