Shrike at Colony Farm Regional Park


头次听说(英文名)并且拍摄到这种威猛小鸟:Great Grey Shrike – 中文: 伯劳
在BC省高贵林 的Colony Farm Regional Park


“The great grey shrike (Lanius excubitor), known as the northern shrike in North America, is a large songbird species in the shrike family (Laniidae)”

“The scientific name of the great grey shrike literally means “sentinel butcher”: Lanius is the Latin term for a butcher, while excubitor is Latin for a watchman or sentinel.[5] This refers to the birds’ two most conspicuous behaviours – storing food animals by impaling them on thorns, and using exposed tree-tops or poles to watch the surrounding area for possible prey.”

From Wikipeida

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