Brown Booby Surprise

Corvid Sketcher

It is an ecstatic experience when your student becomes the master. This happened on a late Sunday morning birding adventure.

I took young Grasshopper Sparrow out to Coyote Point Recreational Area to bird the bay and marsh. He needed to work on his life list and birding skills and this area of open marsh and bay in San Mateo County is as good as any place to hone your observation and identification skills.

There were many birds out on the exposed mudflats: sandpipers, snowy egrets, American avocets, black-belled plovers, whimbrels, and long-billed curlews. Beyond the flats on the San Francisco Bay were rafts of buffleheads, cormorants, western grebes, common goldeneyes, ruddy ducks, and surf scoters. A birding class, returning from the point, even informed us that the rare ongoing male harlequin duck was on the bay but had headed further out and might be hard to see.


There were…

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