Arakawa Japanese Maple

Nebari Bonsai

An air-layer created in 2011, grown in the ground for a few years and then potted in 2015:

Eventually, I thread-grafted new first branches, lower to compact the tree; changed the front, and chopped the right trunk lower than the left:

Since the tree is on its own roots, my goal was to produce a really nice radial Nebari, which will also have the rough bark of the trunks. I also decided to grow this tree slowly, and let it develop the character only age can provide. So it went into a bonsai pot, and we’ll let time take its course.

At the end of 2019, the tree is about 8 years old from an air-layer, and it was pruned back and wired. I also let a shoot run long to thread-graft into the upper left trunk, growing toward the right.


The pot is an old Yozan from the…

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