What’s Up? – The Eye of the Storm

H.J. Ruiz - Avian101

The Eye of the Storm

The past week was a tough one for me, not only for the crazy weather but a little closer to myself. Just a few days after I got surgery in my right eye, I accidentally hit the eye that had surgery recently. It was a painful experience ( I cursed a storm)  Generally, I  always try to be extra careful with all things that require care, but that didn’t include involuntary things, in other words, involuntary accidents.

The doctor examined my eye in question, and he told me there was absolutely no damage to the eye, however, it was bruised;  this by consequence extend the recovery time.  I’m not supposed to drive for now. 

I’m extremely sensitive to light at the moment but the eyes will eventually adjust to normal.

I had days when I couldn’t stand the…

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