Nora and I walked around the Joe Dancer Wetlands yesterday.  I had on my calf high wellies.  She was exercising her Labrador genes and loving her wet paws.  You could not go through the marsh without boots.  Much of it had two inches or more of water.  There is no obvious drainage for incoming water and the small seasonal stream entering the southwest corner of the wetlands is only two feet wide but it is running several inches deep.  Most of the birds we saw were in the wetlands: juncos, Song Sparrows.  Best, we flushed one Wilson’s Snipe who simply lifted off and flew to the other side of the marsh.

I am noticing that trees have an altogether non-mammalian approach to time.  Both hazelnuts and alders now have their tassels drooping from twigs.  Buds have formed on magnolia, oak, cherry and willow.  Cottonwood now have buds at…

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