Prologue: We have two hanging feeders for sunflower seeds, shelled and cracked.  We have one holey log (hanging suet log=HSL) with suet knifed into the holes, and a standard suet block holder…both hang from the edge of the veranda roof where the squirrels can’t and won’t jump.  In addition I put plenty of seed onto the veranda cement for the American sparrows and others that like to eat on the ground, including the shameless squirrels.  There are two more hanging seed feeders in the garden but not visible from my own perch.

This is the shortest day of the year, start of winter.
730AM  There is only a hint of light on the eastern horizon.  Heavy rain continues as it apparently did all night.  Puddles have formed in low spots.  I turn on the veranda lights.  No birds yet.  Temp: 48.5 Fahrenheit.  I have put out seed, the suet feeders…

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