Ficus Audrey is 2020’s Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree, According to Plant Experts


By now, we all know about fiddle-leaf figs?how gorgeous they are, how darn easy they are to kill (we?ve all been there), and how they?re apparently so 2019? That?s right, there?s a new ?it? plant making major waves right now, and it?s called the Ficus Audrey.

What?s amazing is that these guys are way easier to care for than those precarious fiddles (more on that in a second). And not to mention, they?re quite beautiful. Just take a look at blogger Chrissy McDonald?s plant, pictured in her bedroom above. Whether you let them grow organically or try to train them into a more classic tree shape, Ficus Audrey are a striking and substantial addition to an empty corner or otherwise. Read on to learn more about our new plant obsession and gather some helpful care tips.

Even if you sometimes struggle fulfilling your plant parent responsibilities, there?s still…

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