Spotted Owls

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The Spotted Owl The Spotted owl

Identifying them:

It may be hard to tell one owl from the next, mainly because there are so many types. It is similar to a Barred Owl, and they both are around the same size. The Barred Owl is 16-25 inches while the Spotted Owl is 17 inches. In terms of conservation status, the Barred Owl is the least threatened, and the Spotted Owl is near threatened. Most Owls have yellow or orange eyes but if you look closely at the picture, this owl has black eyes. You can also identify them by their call which sounds like a combination of a puppy or dog yapping and a high-pitched owl hooting.


In Portland, where I used to live, I would go owl watching in a forest that isn’t heavily packed with people and doesn’t have so much man-made this and that. There, I would see many types of owls. One type of owl was a Spotted Owl. When I went owl…

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