Rock Pigeons, (Rock Doves) (Columba Livia)

Faith Sees Birds

Rock Pigeon by Diego Delso Rock Pigeon by Diego Delso

Rock Pigeons were first found in North Africa and Europe but are now most commonly seen across the Western Hemisphere, from Northern Canada to the Southern parts of South America.

Identifying Them:

Rock Pigeons or “Rock Doves” are part of the Columbidae family which are a family of rocks and pigeons. They are somewhat large pigeons with a length of 12 1/2 inches. They have long bodies with pointed wings and a fan-like tail. Rock Pigeons in Oregon have gray wings with two black stripes near the end of their wings. These pigeons are easily recognized by their pearlescent green and pink coloring on their neck that is unlike most other pigeons.


Rock Pigeons are spread throughout the country being commonly sighted, foraging in parks, streets, and buildings located in the city. When they aren’t searching for food, they will sometimes be found hanging…

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