Pelagic Cormorant (Phalacrocorax Pelagicus)

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6727729513_d9892a99ee_bIdentifying Them:

Pelagic Cormorants are tall slender birds, about 20 to 29 inches in length. They are similar in appearance to Brandt’s Cormorants. Distinctive features include their white-colored patches near their tail feathers, orange coloration near their beak, and their relatively smaller size compared to other cormorants (“Pelagic Cormorant Identification”). In non-breeding seasons, they appear less vibrant in color and from a distance seem almost entirely dark black.

Where to Find Them:

Pelagic Cormorants spend year-round throughout the Pacific Coast, but migrate from northern areas around Western Alaska to areas near Southern California in the winter when the water reaches freezing temperatures. They are typically found on coasts, rocky bays, sounds, and ocean shores, and favor areas of deep water near cliffs (“Pelagic Cormorant”).


These birds are considered to be less social than other cormorant species, and individuals are known to feed and catch prey separate from their “gulp”…

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