Facts About The Red-winged Blackbird

Faith Sees Birds

Male Male

Female Female


Even though the Red-winged Blackbird is named because it is a black bird with a red and yellow patch on the top of its wing, not all of them look like that. The female Red-winged Blackbird is neither black nor has a red and yellow patch. When you see the male Red-winged Blackbirds, you think that the females look like that too, but sometimes you will even pass by a female Red-winged Blackbird and have no idea that it is a Red-winged Blackbird. Their wingspan is about 15 inches or 23 centimeters.


They will mostly hang out in dry desert-like places with streams, bushes, and trees, fresh or saltwater. They will also hang out near ponds and lots of trees and wilderness. I first saw a Red-winged Blackbird in a marshy area that was very hot and near farm life. You will usually see them perching on a tall bush, singing and trying to catch the…

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