Review: Owls by Taylor


Cover of BookMy Burrowing owl information quest continues. This time it’s another library book that is a beautifully illustrated overview of owls. Not comprehensive in scope or content but a nice addition to any owl book library. The index includes scientific name and some common groupings such as barn owls, but not by every common name. Only 41 species are included in the accounts. Range is described but there are no species specific maps. Almost half of the book is information relating to owls in general how they are put together and how they live. This is a solid resource, look for it used on Amazon if you want an overview. It looks like this author put together another book about owls: “Owls: A Guide to Every Species in the World” I don’t own it and my library doesn’t. Guess I’ll just have to use Interlibrary Loan.

by Marianne Taylor

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