Water Birds, Alameda CA, Fall 2019

BelieveSteve (StevenRichardMiller)

Migratory seabirds abound in the Bay Area in the winter months. And they are much more approachable than the migratory seabirds we get along the Rio Grande, in New Mexico. It must be that they are exposed to so many people, in that very populous area.

The following photos were taken along a waterway that runs through a fancy subdivision on Bay Island, Alameda.

Black-neckedStiltsDSCN3760.jpg Black-necked stilts

Black-neckedStiltsDSCN3777.jpg same as above

BuffleheadDSCN3774.jpg Bufflehead

GoldeneyeDSCN3771.jpg Goldeneye

CormorantDSCN3773.jpg Cormorant

Below are photos from San Leandro Bay.

Black-neckedStiltsWilletsDSCN3883.jpg Black-necked stilts and willets

BuffleheadsDSCN3799.jpg Buffleheads, in the channel leading to San Leandro Bay

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