Backyard Visitors 2019

Reflections from the Countryside

This past year our backyard saw many familiar birds and a couple of unfamiliar birds drop by for short visits. The blue jays, chickadees, nuthatches and woodpeckers were regular visitors at the bird feeders in the winter months. Small flocks of evening grosbeaks made short visits to the feeders, but they never stayed very long. These birds prefer larger platforms, so they were not very fond of our small feeders. American red polls visited on a few occasions, making a lot of noise in the trees, but they never went to the feeders.

The spring welcomed robins, finches, sparrows, some blackbirds and fewer warblers than the previous year. As soon as these birds started hanging out we removed the feeders and put out two bird baths for the summer. However, the only visitor at the bird baths was Rascal.

Cedar waxwings arrived in the late summer and stayed for a…

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