Siblings after fledging

The Putah Creek Nestbox Highway

A male banded Western Bluebird was seen recently near the UCD Equestrian Center, and this one was the brother of the banded female I posted about last time! Both birds were banded with the same color combo in June of 2018 in the Arboretum. This seems to be our only record of two bluebirds from the same brood being seen again after fledging from the nest. [Correction: One other pair of broodmates have been seen again, both from the Arboretum as well. One was seen there again two years later while the other was found further west at our Picnic Grounds site.]

IMG_20190508_154101 Adult Tree Swallow with silver leg band visible, May 2019.

Since Tree Swallows have been easier to catch than bluebirds, we do have several records of multiple Tree Swallows of the same brood identified again after fledging. Some were found near each other in the same…

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