Birding in Northern Costa Rica, Part 4

BelieveSteve (StevenRichardMiller)

On the morning of Day 7 we left Arenal for La Ensenada, which is located on the upper eastern shore of the Gulf of Nicoya. On the way, we passed through the town of Tilaran.

GasStationTilaranxDSCN3362.jpg At gas station in Tilaran

Tree&CabinsXDSCN3389.jpg Huge spreading acacia and cabins at La Ensenada

CrepeGingerDSCN4221.jpg Crepe ginger

GulfOfNicoyaXDSCN3407.jpg Gulf of Nicoya, view to the south, with Nicoya Peninsula to the right

Our first outing was a boat ride a short distance to the north, into the mangrove estuary that fringed the shoreline

Semi-palmatedPloverXDSCN3420.jpg Semipalmated plover

BrownPelicans TP 2019,11,10 (27).jpg Brown pelicans, by Tom Peterson

RowboatXDSCN3422.jpg Local folks out for a Sunday boat ride

FrigatebirdDSCN3435-denoise.jpg Magnificent frigatebird

FrigatebirdXDSCN3444.jpg same as above

FrigatebirdsDSCN3445.jpg same as above

Frigatebird(juv.)2019,11,10 (52).jpg Juvenile frigatebird, by Tom Peterson

MangrovesCrabsXDSCN3448.jpg Low tide in the mangroves, with crabs covering the muddy surface

CrabsXDSCN3454.jpg Crabs

LittleBlueHeronXDSCN3462.jpg Little blue heron

ResidentYellowWarbler TP 2019,11,10 (73).jpg Resident yellow warbler (aka Mangrove warbler), by Tom Peterson

Osprey TP 2019,11,10 (90).jpg Osprey, by Tom Peterson

CrocNicoyaX DSCN3472.jpg Crocodile, on the rocks close to the landing

RoyalTerns TP 2019,11,10 (143).jpg Royal terns…

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