Birding in Northern Costa Rica, Part 3

BelieveSteve (StevenRichardMiller)

From Caño Negro, we returned south, to the the crossroads at Muelle, and then turned west. We climbed to La Fortuna,  where we had lunch, and then circled around the north side of Arenal volcano, to the Arenal Observatory Lodge, which sits just south of the volcano. The volcano is no longer active, but the La Fortuna area is a tourist hub, and very busy.

On the way:

LaughingFalcon2019,11,07 (05).JPG Laughing falcon, by Tom Peterson

Group@Store TP 2019,11,07 (11).jpg Stopping to shop. That’s me (Steve) in the pink shirt, by Tom Peterson

At the hotel:

ArenalSign TP 2019,11,07 (29).jpg By Tom Peterson

ArenalVolcanoXDSCN3307.jpg Arenal Volcano. Cloud cover never allowed a glimpse of the summit of Arenal Volcano while we were there.

MistForestXDSCN3226.jpg Cloud forest (in the clouds)

MistLakeArenalXDSCN3227.jpg Clouds obscure the view of Arenal Lake

LakeArenalDSCN3304.jpg Arenal Lake is a large reservoir

The hotel was surrounded by cloud forest and beautiful grounds. An elaborate fruit feeder was positioned a few yards from the viewing…

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