Birding in Northern Costa Rica, Part 2

BelieveSteve (StevenRichardMiller)

Caño Negro, Days 3 & 4

We left Selva Verde on the morning of Day 3, headed north to Refugio Caño Negro, which  is located close to the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Caño Negro more or less translates as “black creek”, and is a wetland that contains rivers and lakes (lagunas), and is part of the Caribbean lowlands. We made a stop at a restaurant located at the crossroads of Muelle San Carlos, which restaurant advertises itself as an iguana reserve. Upon our arrival, the management brought out an array of fruits and vegetables, which immediately attracted a crowd of iguanas.

IguanaXDSCN3096.jpg A good-looking lizard!

We made a few more roadside stops as birds were sighted, along with a boa that was displayed to us. The dirt road that led to the Refugio had lots of birds.

White-tailedKiteXDSCN3102.jpg White-tailed kite

SouthernLapwingDSCN2764.jpg Southern lapwing

NorthernJacana(SanJose)DSCN4052.jpg Northern jacana

BoaXXDSCN2772.jpg Boa

Bare-throatedTiger-HeronXXDSCN2780.jpg Bare-throated tiger heron

Double-stripedThickKneesXXDSCN2789.jpg Double-striped thick-knee

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