Birding in Northern Costa Rica, Part 1

BelieveSteve (StevenRichardMiller)

A year ago (November 2018), Kathy and I took a Road Scholar birding trip to Costa Rica: “Birding in Southern Costa Rica: Motmots and Quetzals”. It was fabulous! So, we decided that, this fall, we should do the other Costa Rica birding trip: “Birding in Northern Costa Rica: Tanagers to Toucans” (Nov. 2-12, 2019). It, too, was fabulous. Our group consisted of 11 personable older people – all enthusiastic birders and/or photographers, along with our initial guide Gilbert Molina (aka Chito) and the apprentice guide Cali. Both individuals were master birders. As to the photography that follows – the camera I used is a Nikon Coolpix P900, a superzoom that zooms to 83X. The photographs range from sharply focused to considerably less so, but all serve the larger purpose of documenting as fully as possible the birds we saw, which totaled 300 species. Also, in that regard, I have happily…

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