Producing A Self-Published Book: What You Didn’t Know…

Michael Hagedorn

The first time I did this the steps seemed endless. There’s content editors, copy editors, illustrators, formatters, proofreaders, bluelines, and printers. And with my second book it’s not much less endless.

While a publishing schedule is lengthy, taking months to wend through, on the sidelines are those waving flags of support, like at a marathon—the lone runner wobbling from side to side, tongue out, worried that the last mile will definitely be the last even if well short of 26. 

But if you support a self-publisher by buying a book, you inadvertently (or perhaps now and then advertently) support a handful of self-employed specialists. Being a ‘self-publisher’ means the writer hires the expert staff that produces the book. For Bonsai Heresy, this team includes three paid contractors and one astonishingly loyal friend.

One reason self-publishers are self-publishers


For those clueless about what I’m referring to—likely more than a few of…

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