Some Critters

Follow the Fork in the Road

A mud Turtle taking a well deserved break.

Some of the Critters keep a sharp out for predators, humans are among that number. I pulled up behind this Turtle causing it to raise it’s head sharply a clear sign I have been spotted.

A young Coyote taking a look.

The Coyote in the photo above was a surprise, he popped over the top of the Levee seemingly wondering what all the commotion is. Sea Lions have invaded the slough, they follow the migrating fish from the Ocean to the spawning areas. The Pinnipeds were especially noisy that day, jumping out of the water and bellowing, the Coyote satisfied his curiosity and swiftly retreated back into the hinterland.

A Great Horned Owl, doing what Owls do.

The Great Horned Owl spotted me, he’s looking directly at me from 50 yards away. He was in a Tree near me when I first…

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