Mink, Owl, or Hawk; Round Up the Usual Suspects and Other Stuff.

Follow the Fork in the Road

A Mink may have done it, but more than likely it was the Great Horned Owl that patrols the night sky on the slough. Hawks have been known to dispatch of them in the same way, I’m not sure if it’s just one species or if all of them will. None the less it happened in the dark hours, my money is on the Owls. Of all people to find a small decapitated Bunny it was Sue the Rabbit rescue lady. She had found it close to her place 1/4 mile South of us.

She is always out and about, but during the day.

The population of Rabbits is now at a good level, there are still plenty of them around doing what they do, baby factory’s. It is normal for one species of animal to cause an over population when they are filling a void. There were few Rabbits…

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