Building the Fat Trunk Tree

California Bonsai Art

While bonsai in it’s larger form can include trunk widths in a variety of shapes and sizes, the Shohin trunk tends to be on the larger size.

Why is this so?  Shohin must compete for assertiveness in its trunk. It must do this by captivating the viewer rather quickly, by keeping the eye fixated on the magnificence of this overstated trunk of large size for it’s height. Developing a tree only 8 inches tall with a trunk three inches across in a pot 6 inches wide is a herculean task. It requires many years of growth and training on many parts of the tree at once. Once the eye is there it can then take in the development of the branch structure and the overall feel of the tree as a whole. Without a viewer lingering long enough the whole tree is never judged for it’s complete merits.

These large…

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