Bonsai and business.


I love a bonsai tree. I am fascinated by its beauty. Can’t tell you exactly why.

Maybe it was because of Mr Miyagi and the way he styled those bonsai’s in the first karate kid movie. Remember the famous quote? Daniel: “But how do I know if my picture’s the right one?” Miyagi: “If come from inside you, always right one.” Also: “Close your eyes, concentrate. Think only tree…”

Or maybe because of my love for Asian culture in general. Although the roots of bonsai go back to China, to me it’s one of the symbols of Japanese culture. It reflects the focus, dedication and tradition of Japan and Japanese people.

Or maybe because I find miniaturization so intriguing . One of my earliest childhood memories was that really cool train track I built, with all those details. Still today, I really admire those big train model displays, with complete…

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