Using Accessory Plantings For Displaying Bonsai

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COVER.JPGThis blog was written to answer a question for a member of the Bonsai Nut Forum who asked about my display comments. I wrote too much for the answer and thought others might find my personal thoughts interesting. Enjoy!

25.jpgAccessory plantings are commonly used to accompany bonsai on display for many reasons. They can complete the visual story the artist is trying to convey of displaying their bonsai, indicate the environment where the main bonsai is native to or to indicate seasonality or a celebration. Often in the west they are just put there to “look pretty” or take up space. Some do not use accessories allowing viewers to imagine a scene or season. Often art objects or suiseki are utilized.

6 copy.jpgTwo round glazed containers, but of different colors.

2.JPGUnglazed oval container displayed with a round glazed container.

Displaying bonsai is a personal statement of sharing the beauty of a bonsai…

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