#My Other Love… Size Matters…

Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie


Size Matters

Most people think bonsai are just small trees in pots, but they can be any size. There seems to be so many different names, too which makes it all very confusing.

Japanese classificationRequired hands to move bonsaiApproximate size
ImperialEight-handed bonsai60 to 80 inches
Hachi-uyeSix-handed bonsai40 to 60 inches
Dai or OmonoFour-handed bonsai30 to 48 inches
Chiu or ChumonoTwo-handed bonsai16 to 36 inches
Katade-mochiOne-handed bonsai10 to 18 inches
KomonoOne-handed bonsai6 to 10 inches
MameOne-handed bonsai5 to 8 inches
Shito or KeshitsuboFingertip bonsaiUnder 2 inches

Traditionally, the size of bonsai was measured by the number of hands needed to carry the tree.

For some reason, I have never considered having a large bonsai. Probably because they are not too easy to handle or for the amount of space they would…

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