Adam Cecchetti

A few years ago three new bonsai came to the Cecchetti house hold, a forth was later gifted to me by a friend. As I’ve come to learn the care of bonsai is an endeavor of interwoven timescales and master class in asymmetric appreciation. To properly care for a bonsai you are keeping a plant in a somewhat unnaturally suspended growth state. The guiding of the growth comes slowly over many years of wiring, pruning, and watering. My understanding is that if done properly this slow growth can cause a bonsai to be well over 800 years old. As far as slow hobbies are concerned, it does not get much slower, unless you are willing to leave the biological for geological or astrological time scales. Interwoven with this slow growth the bonsai still need constant watering to stay alive. I found that ultra slow growth over the course of decades…

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