A Moss Tray

Bonsai Iterate

For years, I have collected moss from places where it grows naturally. To simplify the hunt, I have encouraged a large patch of moss on the north side of my house. The moss that grows in my yard, however, is not the fine-textured moss I prefer for dressing bonsai for a show, and this is sometimes hard to find in An appropriate quantity. I have seen some small patches of lovely moss growing in sidewalk cracks this fall, and with no show in the immediate future, I decided to start a moss tray. Let me share how.

Pictured are the items I used for this project: a cheap plastic boot tray purchased from IKEA, a drill, nylon screen, a pumice lava mix (either would do, but I had the mix sitting around), sand, an old blender, collected moss, and a beer.

I should probably insert a joke, here, about drinking…

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