Natural Wonder – Why do trees lose their leaves?

Biodiversity Revolution

This is an interesting question and it all comes down to water.

Leaves are the powerhouses of plants. They convert air and water into sugars using the suns energy, a process known as  photosynthesis, which in turn feeds the plant. So if there isn’t enough water around, the leaves can’t do their function or become damaged, and so become a burden to the planet. Faced with this choice plants are then better off doing without these expensive support organs.

If this process occurs regularly, or is timed to a season, trees that lose their leave are termed deciduous.

There are actually three common situations when deciduousness occurs.

688323762-deciduousforest-snow-covered-rhineland-palatinate-stem Winter deciduous forest in North America

The first is termed winter-deciduousness and occurs in dry, cold winters. During winter, particularly in the northern hemisphere, there is low rainfall and much of the water available to the plant is frozen in the ground. Without…

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