Is feeding birds in the winter good or bad for the birds?

Idaho Ask a Scientist

Answered by Dr. Chuck Trost, Emeritus Professor, Idaho State University

As long as the feeders are clean, the food gives birds the
energy to survive during a stressful period.
Personally I fed birds because I like to watch them. I’ll have to admit that it does concentrate
them, and predators such as cats and hawks can prey on them. But all in all, bird feeding provides an
educational opportunity for the person feeding, as well as their children.

Bird-Feeding Concerns (from Cornell Lab of Ornithology)

Poorly maintained feeders may contribute to the spread of
infectious diseases among birds. The feeders themselves can sometimes pose
hazards too. Here are some helpful hints for successful bird feeding:

  • Avoid overcrowding at feeders by placing numerous feeders several feet apart.
  • Keep your feeding area and feeders clean.
  • Keep food and food-storage containers dry and free of mold and fungus.
  • Check your feeders for sharp…

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