Still nest building in May

Birder's Journey

This powerful Wood Stork has flown to the very top of a tall cypress tree to get just the perfect branch to take back to the nest.  Even though it was the end of May when I took these photos, the Storks were still busy raising their young in our local wetlands.“The Wood Stork is one of Florida’s signature wading birds, a long-legged, awkward-looking bird on land that soars like a raptor in the air (Florida Audubon).”During ‘The Season’ (winter/spring) here in Palm Beach County, people flock to the boardwalk to watch as the adult Wood Storks fly back and forth, bringing nesting materials back to their families. fullsizeoutput_3104Much as I love Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, I believe this sign above is a bit outdated. I would venture to say the Wood Storks are now nesting in Palm Beach County in greater numbers than perhaps…

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