Sony A9 and Zebras

Emily Carter Mitchell ~ Nature as Art

Zebras…seriously? I had no idea that wild animals are running around inside my newly acquired Sony A9, but yet there they are.

What is a Sony Zebra you might ask? Well it is how Sony handles showing highlight alerts within the viewfinder. And of course, it isn’t nearly as simple as one might imagine.

One of my favorite tools with my Canon 5D Mark IV is being able to review images with the highlight alert on (aka Blinkies) and I can see what areas have a loss of detail due to being overexposed. Granted, the image review is of the JPEG preview of the RAW image that I had captured, but I knew when to make exposure adjustments and when it would be retrievable in post processing.

This is important when capturing birds like Osprey and even more so adult Bald Eagles.

I had already mentioned the loss of detail…

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