Sony A9 and High ISO’s

Emily Carter Mitchell ~ Nature as Art

1/320 Sec. f/6.3, ISO 1600 AWB

As I’m putting my new camera kit, the Sony A9 paired with the newly introduced Sony 200-600mm lens to the test, there are several things I wanted to work with and one of them was how well it handled high ISO settings.

Frequently when I’m photographing birds in low light, my ISO is between 1250 and 1600. On rare occasion I’ll push that ISO setting to ISO 2000 but thankfully my Canon 5D Mark IV handles it well.

So I wanted to see if the Sony A9 was up to the task. There was a large flock of Robins and Cedar Waxwings that were enjoying the water features in my garden the past few days and with the overcast light they were perfect subjects.

As Cedar waxwings are quite shy I had to stay inside the house and open up a window to capture…

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