Why are Bonsai Trees Small?

The Amazing and Unknown Characteristics of Plants

My fiance bought me a mini bonsai kit that includes everything you need to grow your own bonsai tree, which is essentially just seeds, a pot, and an instruction manual. In a few weeks I hope to have a mini tree in my kitchen. This got me wondering, “why is it that bonsai trees are so small”? I mean, you see bonsai trees in nurseries that are just mini trees. Is that because they are genetically altered? Spoiler alert, no.

Bonsai is a Japanese word that means ‘tray planting’, and is actually considered to be an art form. Nearly any tree or shrub can be grown as a bonsai tree, as long as it is properly maintained. To cultivate a bonsai tree, all you need to do is plant it in a small pot. Of course, close attention needs to be paid to it so that it survives (adequate watering…

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