The Mulberry Tree: Natures Fire Hydrant

The Amazing and Unknown Characteristics of Plants

Recently a video has been circulating the internet of a Mulberry tree gushing out gallons of water from about halfway up the trunk. If you have not seen this video, you can find a version of it below. At first glance, it seems like someone had attached a hose from a fire hydrant, hung it in the tree and let it flow.

While this phenomena is rare, it is not an unusual or unnatural occurrence. After heavy rainfall, this Mulberry tree gushes an incredible amount of water out of a hollow on the trunk. In a nutshell, the tremendous amount of water causes underground springs to overflow, forcing water out of the ground in some areas (you can see water flowing out of the ground in the video). The same thing can be observed in some wells after heavy rains, with often spewing water upwards similar to a geyser.


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