Splish-splash in the Bird Bath

Tails of a Twitcher

I was in search of the ideal bird bath for almost two summers before I finally settled with the weighted plastic model I bought from Lowes. Despite the fact that it wasn’t exactly the bird bath I had designed in my imagination, I was very happy to both provide my feathered friends with water and, of course, to observe and photograph their aquatic-antics.

So I
did some bird bath research, made sure I was dumping the old water
regularly and refilling it with fresh. I even converted a kitchen
brush for scrubbing dishes into a bird bath scrubber to get rid of
anything gross growing along the edge of the bird bath (I guess I
used a bit to much elbow grease because after about three months of
cleaning the bird bath, the finishing paint started pealing off the

my bird bath was in place, clean and welcoming…

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