Birds at Lettuce Lake Park

Travel Monkey

Kongo is visiting Tampa this week to spend some quality time with family. About a mile from the home of the monkey’s youngest is a wonderful place called Lettuce Lake Park. It’s part of a network of regional parks in the Tampa Bay area that highlight nature and Florida’s fragile ecosystems in the middle of a big city.

lettucelake-5 White Ibis

Kongo has been to this park once before but this time he brought a proper camera lens to capture some of the many water birds that live here.  The park is located along the Hillsborough River in Tampa and adjacent wetlands. Boardwalks allow visitors to walk out over the wetlands and really get close to the wildlife.

lettucelake-16 Limkin

Kongo spotted a couple of night herons, lots of Ibis birds, a wood stork, an elusive anhinga, and a wading limkin.  There were egrets and owls around as well but not close…

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