Bonsai Basics

Juniper & Basil

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on

The art of bonsai has been around since it originated in 1700s China and is still widely practiced today. The main purpose of bonsai is to gain a connection between man and nature. By adapting nature to a certain desired aesthetic, you can control what is represented by the plant. It’s a fun and challenging way to show off your creativity.

Bonsai can be made from any tree, but the key is pruning, trimming, and repotting. Pruning back the branches and roots are what give the plant a miniature look. There are many different styles of bonsai. For example:

  • Formal: A single upright trunk that tapers towards the top.
  • Informal: A single upright trunk with well balanced curves. The top usually bends towards the front.
  • Semi or full cascade: A single arching or cascading trunk either severely slanting or extending below the container.
  • Group…

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