Raptor Wednesday

Backyard and Beyond

A yew: evergreen, dense, low to the ground. Accipiters in Green-Wood love these trees the year-around.

A bird I could not identify was making a very odd noise at the top of one of these yews recently. This is often a sign of warning or distress. I saw a squirrel shock-still under the neighboring tree, and then suddenly from the ground to my right this young Cooper’s Hawk flew up to a nearby tree.
Then it flew to another, then another, before winging away low out of sight completely.

But why was it on the ground to begin with? I went back to look under the yew.Yes, something in the nature of rat. That Teddy Roosevelt dollar coin, by the way, which I didn’t know existed until very recently, measures just a tad over an inch across.

But wait, aren’t Accipiters like Cooper’s bird-eaters? This I learned: they…

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