Bird Watching Adventure: Eastern Shore National Wildlife Refuge

Freyja's Feathers

On August 18th, my friend E and I ventured to the Eastern Shore of Virginia for a bird watching adventure. Our first stop was at Kiptopeke State Park before continuing to Eastern Shore National Wildlife Refuge and then the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel Overlook. I discussed our adventure at Kiptopeke in a previous blog post found here, but there was plenty of fun to be had at our last two stops.

We started bird watching at Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge at 12:35 PM, and it was hot. We were not expecting to see too many birds. Fortunately, we managed to spot 21 species on the Butterfly and Wildlife Trails. Northern Cardinals and Turkey Vultures made up the majority of the individuals, but we were able to see a lot of wading bird species, including White Ibis at the Marsh Overlook. I am always excited…

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